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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
LJ Hooker Projects - The Chandler
LJ Hooker Projects - The Chandler
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Calls for senators to support ACT legislative rights

There have been renewed calls for Federal Parliament to allow the ACT to legislate on voluntary assisted dying, or euthanasia. The ‘Andrews Bill’ was introduced...

Canberrans take to the lake for aqua park opening

Canberra Aqua Park officially opened for business on Saturday 9 November, with a number of Canberrans turning out to enjoy the inflatable water park...

Survival guide: winter training

Winter is going to be cold and some days we won’t want to get out of bed. So, I’ve put together a survival guide...

Get Spartan ready

Swarms of Canberrans will be climbing, jumping, swinging, pushing and pulling one another around a 5km loop full of obstacles when Canberra hosts its...

Tackling tyres with fast feet

Over the last few columns I’ve shared some tips to master different obstacles and ramp up your training. This week, we’ll tackle tyres and...