Canberra psychic teaches you how to talk with the animals

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Nell Archer believes animal communication is the easiest way to find presence and mindfulness. Photo: Jamila Toderas.

A blonde quail named Pearl is one of many animals that Canberrans have had the opportunity to connect with in animal communication classes run by spiritual channel, Nell Archer.

“The quail was by far the absolute queen of the show, she was the best communicator,” Nell said.

“She told us all about her super sensory feet, and how she was feeling the ground with her feet; it was almost like her feet were like our eyes.”

The class teaches students the ability to communicate with all animals by using mindfulness techniques, and students are encouraged to bring their pets to learn how to directly communicate with them.

Nell has seen a range of animals join her classes – from ferrets, dogs, goats, sheep and horses, even to fish.

“We talked to the fish, and we all tuned into the ants, it was just so much fun,” she said.

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Pearl the Quail won the hearts of students in Nell’s animal communication class. Photo: Supplied.

The focus of the class is to communicate with the animals by putting yourself in a state of presence – and as Nell explains, this is the major difference between humans and animals.

According to Nell, as humans we project fears, we wonder about the future and our egos, whereas animals don’t function in this way.

“We’re very out of our present state because we’re not relying on nature for our food. We’re not tuning into the animals for the hunt, we’re not tuning into the plants for our seasons to grow,” she said.

“So, we’re very out of a state of presence, and to communicate with the animal you’ve got to be in a state of presence.”

Nell said the communication connection is like a meditative state, that you need to be aware of your breath and your own presence and energy while announcing it to the animal.

“Just announcing that you’re there and announcing that sort of sending a thought in your mind that you’re aware of them, and then you bring your focus, your focus right in on them, and you can just say, ‘how’s your day?’,” she said.

The class is a full day workshop, and students leave on a high, with feelings of joy and presence, and a better understanding of their pet companion.

She said people share the need of connection and that is why animal communication is such an enlightening, fulfilling, self-accepting experience.

Generally, people want to connect with their own pet, and in the case of Pearl the quail, her owner Courtney wanted to communicate with her because she seemed different to her other pet quails.

“She’s very special, she was loose and free. We were just sitting in a circle and she would just come and sit on someone’s lap … she was a very strong personality, and such a cute little blonde body,” Nell said.

“It’s just a really joyful experience. It’s such a fast easy way, there’s no spirituality that you’ve got to learn for it, there’s no techniques that nobody can do, and children can do it too, anybody can do it.”

Animal communication can be used more widely than just having a conversation with your pet; it is also used as a tool to get animals to help people in need.

“A friend of mine started a business called Equine Foundry. She rescues horses, and we train them up to be horse therapists for people who’ve had trauma,” Nell said.

From intensive care nursing to mediumship

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Nell Archer frequently uses animal communication with horses. Photo: Jamila Toderas.

With a background in helping people, Nell worked as an intensive and critical care nurse for more than 30 years, until falling ill after having seven near-death experiences. It was then she discovered her newfound ability to connect to the energy of the universe – from the water we drink, to the plants that feed us oxygen.

She began working as “closet” psychic medium and was so terrified of judgment, she operated her business over the phone under a pseudonym.

It wasn’t until she was asked to work on Psychic TV that she had to reveal herself.

“I probably lost about 100 friends. Just like any industry, there is a huge amount of charlatans,” Nell said.

As well as providing guidance to clients through her psychic work, and communicating with animals, Nell also works alongside investigative detectives with drug investigations and homicide cases.

Working with detectives provides her with validation, something she values as an essential part of her practice.

She also finds she gets instant validation in her animal communication classes.

“The students believe their own experience, the animal is the one giving them the validation, it’s not me”.

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