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Canberra’s business precincts will become 40 km/h zones

Streets in business precincts in Civic, Tuggeranong, and Kingston will soon become 40 km/h zones to make roads safer for pedestrians, residents, and vehicle users alike.

“As Canberra has grown, more streets have become not only places to move through, but also places for people to stop and spend time,” Chris Steel, Minister for Transport and City Services, said. “The speed limit in these areas needs to reflect this.”

40 km/h speed limit precincts were implemented in all ACT town centres in 2013, and in all group centres in 2015.

Civic and Braddon have become hubs for dining, cultural events, residents, and public transport, Mr Steel said; many people cross Alinga Street to use the light rail station.

The existing Civic 40km/h zone will soon expand to cover sections of Barry Drive, Cooyong Street; Northbourne Avenue between McKay Street and Vernon Circle; and much of the Braddon commercial precinct.

In Tuggeranong, Anketell Street from Athllon Drive to Pitman Street, a section of Reed Street, and all of Eileen Good Street and Cowlishaw Street will become 40km/h zones.

Buses were removed from Anketell Street last year. The ACT Government has upgraded and improved Tuggeranong’s laneways to make the town centre more inviting, Mr Steel said.

The Kingston Foreshore will have a new 40km/h precinct before winter. This safety zone will include Eastlake Parade, Trevillian Quay, Giles Street, sections of Printers Way, Eyre Street, Honeysett, View and Kerridge Street. New 40 km/h signs and speed humps will be installed on the Eyre Street and Dawes Street approaching Printers Way.

“This speed limit change will also support business by providing safer, more accessible places to visit, meet, shop, or dine,” Mr Steel said.

The business community welcomed the intent, but also feel they were not consulted. Graham Catt, CEO of the Canberra Business Chamber, said it was good to see the government working to improve amenity and ensure safety in popular dining, shopping, and entertainment precincts.

“But it is important that we don’t make it harder for businesses – and as we know, many restaurants, cafes, and shops have already been challenged by COVID and health restrictions,” he said.

“It is really important that local businesses are involved in the review and decision-making processes before changes like these are introduced.”

Parking and traffic flow are frequent concerns for Business Chamber members, but the introduction of the 40km/h zones had not been accompanied by changes to the local parking arrangements, Mr Catt said.  

More information on 40km/h zones in town and group centres can be found at cityservices.act.gov.au.

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