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Canberra, we need to talk about periods

Canberra, we need to talk about periods! And Share the Dignity wants to listen.

They’re launching their biggest campaign yet on International Women’s Day (Monday 8 March), Period Pride, and they want to hear from anyone who menstruates about their experience.

Alongside their March ‘Dignity Drive’, the organisation wants people to complete the ‘bloody big survey’ to inform their work in ending period poverty.

They want to hear about people’s personal experiences around menstruation to highlight the common challenges people face when it comes to their period.

For their donation drive, Share the Dignity accepts all approved period products which are then distributed to people who need them.

The organisation says the collection of this data is required to prove the social, personal and financial impacts of menstruation in Australia, and forms part of their three-part approach to ending period poverty: distribution of products to those in need; education about menstruation; and reducing the shame and stigma surrounding menstruation.

And, for every survey completion, U by Kotex will donate a packet of pads to Share the Dignity to be distributed to someone who needs them.

“While the distribution of products is so important, if we still have shame and stigma surrounding menstruation, we can’t empower those in need to take control of their period,” said Share the Dignity’s founder and managing director, Rochelle Courtenay.

As well as starting a conversation, Share the Dignity is also accepting donations of period products for their bi-annual Share the Dignity drive, which can be dropped off at Woolworths stores and some other local businesses across the country.

The campaign launch comes after Woolworths announced it would change its in-store messaging around the products, changing the labelling from ‘personal care’ and ‘sanitary products’ to ‘period products’.

All approved period products are accepted by Share the Dignity for their drive, including pads, tampons, menstrual cups, period undies and reusable pads – everything must be in its original packaging.

These products will be distributed to people who need them via Share the Dignity’s charity partners.

To take the survey or to find a local donation point, head to sharethedignity.org.au

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