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Monday, June 21, 2021

Canberra urged to be flood-ready for summer

As we head into the official bushfire season, residents are also urged to prepare for the risk of floods in Canberra.

The Territory has experienced higher than average rainfall, which means there is an increased risk of flash floods in Canberra, according to Emergency Services Minister Mick Gentleman.

“The ACT has seen a large increase in dam and river water levels, as well as water pooling on land and roads due to significant ground saturation,” he said.

“We saw in January how bushfires and storms can happen at the same time. By taking simple steps now and understanding your risk, you and your family can minimise damage to your home and property.”

Canberrans can check whether they live in a flood prone area by using the ACTMapi website to search their address.

The ACT Emergency Service Agency (ESA) Commissioner, Georgeina Whelan, said the La Nina weather pattern will mean a higher risk of storms and floods in Canberra during the bushfire season.

She said it is important to take the time now to ensure homes are prepared for all types of hazards, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting drier days over the coming week before more wet weather.

“We’re reminding the community to keep clear of stormwater drains and rising waterways as they pose a significant threat to life during a flood; remember – if it’s flooded forget it,” Commissioner Whelan said.

“Please speak to your children and loves ones about how dangerous these places can be.

“Use this time to repair existing damage and ensure you are storm and flood ready.”

The ESA has outlined some flood-ready tips on their website, which include maintaining your property; being aware of signs of flash flooding; making a flood-safe plan and preparing an emergency kit; and identifying possible evacuation routes.

Visit the ESA website for more information, and click here to check if you’re in a flood prone area.

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