Canberra man honoured for bravery


The ACT’s Steven Armitage has been acknowledged as part of a Group Bravery Citation in the Australian Bravery Awards for actions, following a bus crash in Lamington National Park, Queensland.

presenting a bravery award
The Australian Governor-General, David Hurley AC DSC (pictured), has announced 83 Australian Bravery Awards, which includes a Group Bravery Citation for one ACT resident, Steven Armitage. Getty

The Group Bravery Citation is for a collective act of bravery, by a group of persons in extraordinary circumstances, that is considered worthy of recognition.

Mr Armitage was recognised alongside five others for their actions during the rescue of passengers and driver on the evening of 13 January 2019.

According to the citation, a tour bus carrying 18 passengers and driver rolled off the side of a steep embankment in Lamington National Park after a mechanical failure.

The bus came to rest on its side. Despite the precarious position of the bus, and the danger of it rolling further down the embankment, four people assisted in the evacuation of passengers, while two others provided reassurance to the trapped and injured driver, staying with him in the bus until emergency services arrived and extricated him from the damaged vehicle.

In total, the Australian Governor-General, David Hurley AC DSC, announced 83 Australian Bravery Awards on Tuesday 31 March.

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