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Camping with your canine

Getting lost, snakes, ticks and open fires all pose risks to pets when camping. So, if you’ve been planning an escape to the great outdoors with your four-legged friend, here are some important tips to remember to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Pre-trip it is recommended that you take your pet to the vet for a check-up and to ensure vaccinations are up to date; ensure your pet is covered by the correct tick and flea protection; and that microchip and ID tag details are up to date.

PETstock vet Dr Marjorie Au said “symptoms of tick poisoning include changes to bark, lethargy, vomiting and muscular paralysis, usually starting in the hind legs. If you suspect your dog may have been bitten by a snake, have tick poisoning or if you find a tick on your pet, seek veterinary attention immediately.”

Pet owners are advised to pack a pet first-aid kit including: a water bottle to prevent dehydration; a towel, which can be used as a bandage, sling or stretcher; bandages and dressings to cover wounds; iodine based antiseptic cream; gloves, scissors, and tweezers to remove splinters, grass seeds or ticks; saline in case you need to wash your pet’s eyes; shampoo for a general wash; and pet sunscreen to protect hairless areas.

Finally, while there’s nothing like cuddling up in front of a fire, you must ensure your dog is far enough from the campfire to avoid burns and sparks and is not in the direct line of smoke.

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