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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Busy? Try this super-quick workout

As we ease into the third month of the year, it seems we’re already busy. With kids going in and out to school and sports on top of work and other activities, it can be hard to find the time (or the motivation!) to get moving.

Here is a great workout that only takes 15 minutes. If you happen to find yourself with a bit of extra time, try doing it twice for a half-hour session. It’s all body weight-based, too, so there’s no equipment required.

Do each of the following exercises for a full 60 seconds, if you can:

  • Walking/jogging on the spot
  • Squats
  • Skipping
  • Toe taps
  • Walking/jogging on the spot
  • Lunges
  • Agility jumps – place a marker 1m to your left and another 1m to your right; jump left to touch the marker and the repeat on the opposite side
  • Leg raises
  • Walking/jogging on the spot
  • Push-ups
  • Balance walk
  • Dips
  • Walking/jogging on the spot
  • Plank
  • Walking/jogging on the spot

This week, I also want to chat about agility training. As you may have seen, Ultimate Tag will be on TV soon, and the kids (and adults) are definitely going to love it. Make sure you keep an eye out for local fitness expert Jenna Douros who will be appearing on the show!

Try these exercises out for a bit of Ultimate Tag-inspired fun:

  • 10m shuttle runs  
  • Agility jumps, left and right (see above)
  • Zig zag runs – place markers 5m part in a Z pattern and run around them
  • Frog leaps – from a squat, leap forward as far as you can, landing with soft knees, to push up and jump again
  • Jump balance – jump and land on one foot and balance for 30 secs

Stretch to de-stress

We know that when we’re busy, we can often experience higher levels of stress and tension. It’s important to focus on mental health as well as physical health, and take time out to rest, relax and re-focus. This is what I call an ‘out and back’, and it’s great for shaking off stress and taking some time out for you. Remember to focus on your breathing while stretching!

  • 10 mins walk/jog – head to an area where you’ll be able to sit down and spend a few minutes doing some stretches
  • Lower back rolls – lying on your back with your knees to your chest, roll left and right
  • Seated hamstring stretch – with your left leg out straight and your right leg bent, slowly run your hands down your left leg; repeat on the other side
  • Quad stretch – lying on your left side, grab your right ankle and move it back to your buttocks; repeat for the other leg
  • Back and shoulder stretch – on your knees, lean forward to place both hands flat on the ground and then, keeping your hands flat, sit your bottom down on your heels)
  • Walk or jog home!

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