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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Building wrap to be made more ‘breathable’

Thanks to a collaboration between the ACT Government and the ACT’s not-for-profit sustainability sector, previously allowed old-fashioned aluminium foil building wraps are gone and Canberra builders will be required to use more breathable wall wraps.

To support the new regulation, a step-by-step video series has been released to show people how to improve building construction standards and save energy and money while living in the home.

The Tips and tricks for wrapping and sealing your building video series steps the viewer through a range of techniques for how to effectively wrap and seal a building.

SEE-Change collaborated on this project with Commonsense Sustainability Solutions, the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and was provided with support through the ACT Government Community Zero Emissions Grant Program.

SEE-Change executive officer Maddie Diamond said the video series was designed for builders, those working in the building trades and for homeowners who want to keep an eye on their new home construction.

“Our aim is to provide those who build and own homes with resources, examples and demonstration projects that showcase best practice techniques,” she said.

SEE-Change is a not-for-profit community organisation focused on working together with the community and businesses to create sustainable change in Canberra.

Commonsense Sustainability Solutions director Paul Nagle said wrapping and sealing a building properly helped to keep a comfortable temperature inside the house, stops draughts, and provides moisture control and water protection.

“So many new houses are built poorly and do not focus on ensuring the wrapping, sealing and insulating of the home is done well,” he said.

“Once the plasterboard is on and the walls are covered up, there is no way for the owner to know how many gaps and air leaks there are.”

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