Building dreams on House Rules

Gundaroo couple Alex and Katie Middleton are taking on reality TV and renovations, representing NSW in the current season of House Rules. Image supplied.

Built in the 1800s and packed full of charm, Gundaroo couple Alex and Katie Middlemiss love their country cottage but their little piece of paradise is in need of some improvements.

Now, the couple are set to hand over the keys to their kingdom as participants on House Rules and see what the five other teams create for their home.

Speaking ahead of the show’s start date, the couple describe their two-bedroom cottage as having a lack of space, the kitchen isn’t functional and a water chamber as a master bedroom.

“When it gets cold outside, the condensation comes through the ceiling (which features original pressed tin) and literally drips cold water on your face at about 3 or 4am,” Katie says.

The couple admit more space would be ideal, with Katie saying an additional bedroom “would be amazing”. It is also important the house, which is already partially off-grid, is eco-friendly.

“It’s going to be a big rule for us,” Katie says. “We want to live off-grid as much as possible. We are all about reducing our impact on the environment in any way that we can.”

Alex adds: “We do live the simple life. Eco doesn’t mean candles and pedalling for our electricity. It just means sustainable innovative ways to give back to the environment.”

Relative renovation rookies – Alex says they have done “skin deep” work such as painting and carpet – the couple are looking forward to the challenge of the show and say the most difficult aspect is being away from their 14-month-old daughter, Hallie.

Representing NSW on the show, they are relishing the opportunity and the responsibility that comes from being on House Rules.

“The idea of changing other people’s lives has become so amazing to us. We are now a part of five other families’ lives because we are about to change their lives,” Alex says. “We are not renovating houses, we are building homes.”

Katie adds: “House Rules is a period of time but these families have to live in these houses forever. It’s not all about what looks good on TV for us. It has to be functional and beautiful for them to come home to.”

House Rules airs on Prime7. Follow Katie and Alex on Instagram @KatieAlexAU

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