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Bridgerton binge home inspo

In its first five days of release, 63 million households around the world binged on Bridgerton, the racy Jane Austin-meets-Scandal drama from American TV producer Shonda Rhimes – confirming it as a cultural phenomenon.

In the months since, the hit show has been linked with a 123% increase in web searches for corsets, its characters’ names have been tipped to top 2021 baby names, and Vogue Australia has reported “Regency” to be one of seven key trends to dominate the year.

If you are a fan who can’t get enough of the Recency-era England trend, these expert tips will help turn your TV set inspo into a sophisticated luxe home reality.

Victory Blinds interiors expert Stuart Clark weighs in:


An easy way to replicate some of your favourite looks from the show is through layering, which creates an atmosphere of grandeur.

To achieve a Bridgerton-worthy look, try layering different textures and fabrics on the couch or on the bed using multiple cushions and throws.

Blue is a signature colour of the Bridgerton family so include this with other pastels and a standout pattern.

Layering doesn’t have to stop there; try hanging curtains over a blind or shutter.  

One combo that is not going away is layering curtains over a roman blind, as these are both soft window treatments that work well together.

Try a patterned roman blind and then a solid-coloured curtain to build a luxurious feel in any room.

Regency style décor 

Due to the benefits of sustainability, vintage furniture continues to trend in 2021.

This style of interiors includes rich deep colours that are then contrasted with light, creamy colours and powder blues and soft greens.


Searches for wisteria have grown since the show was released as many of us want to try and replicate the Bridgertons’ dreamy façade.


The popularity of panelling has been increasing in the last few years. The look uses period authenticity to add texture and detail to a room.

Panel a whole wall to make a statement or just the lower half to immediately add texture and make the room feel bigger and airier.

If you want to inject some of the Bridgerton style into your home, try panelling one wall and then painting it a champagne colour for a modern take on what was once a dated interior trend.  

Early Settler is also jumping aboard the Bridgerton train, using the show’s glittering sets and costumes as inspo for their furniture and homewares. 

They suggest lush jewel and pastel tones like tangerine, saffron, amber, apricot, turquoise, blush pink, forest green and royal blue for our own salons, parlours and boudoirs.

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Velvet products add some escapist fun to the everyday, such as sumptuous sofas, clubby tub chairs, ottomans – fringy, dimply or shell shaped – and, of course, dog beds fit for a Duke.

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