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Friday, May 7, 2021

Boxing away

When looking at types and styles of workouts that are multi-functional and multi-purpose, look no further than boxing. If you considered adding just a 10-minute boxing routine to your exercise plan each session, then you would be unstoppable.

For me, boxing requires a lot of discipline and is very good for my mental health and focus. Boxing will improve your health and fitness in many ways:

Benefits of boxing

  • Your workout can be low, medium or high intensity – whatever works for you.
  • Boxing can lead to improved cardio-vascular fitness, coordination, strength, balance, reaction time and agility.
  • Boxing is a great form of stress relief.
  • With punching combinations, you are also training the brain and keeping your mental awareness sharp.
  • Boxing can be great for personal confidence and discipline.
  • Boxing is a complete workout that tones the entire body.

Give this workout a try, and you’ll be knocking your training out of the park in no time.


Keep this workout sharp and move quickly between exercises. Have a boxing bag hanging up for this one.

  • 1 min skipping
  • 1 min shadow punching (no bag), jabs and hooks
  • 1 min straight punching on bag, left rights
  • 1 min skipping
  • 1 min punching combinations on bag, left jab, right straight, left jab, right hook
  • 1 min twisting sit-ups, touching the ground each side as you twist
  • 1 min skipping, 30 secs on each leg
  • 1 min heavy punching, increase how hard you hit the bag and keep a good rhythm
  • 1 min light and fast punching the bag, work hard and increase your heart rate here
  • 1 min plank

If you like, you can add weights into your workout and this will change up your session even more. I recommend starting out with working on your punching form and nailing those good combinations, as well as increasing your time on each activity, before introducing weight to your workout.

Boxing is great for your fitness and will tone your whole body, so give it a go!

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