Boost work productivity at home


With many people choosing or having to work from home, having the right tech in place and office set-up is key to ensure maximum productivity and have a positive effect on motivation.

Working from home? A comfortable and well-organised home office will have you ready to work. Photo: Ikea.

“Research shows that mental clarity, productivity and endorphins increase when you’re living and working in an organised space,” says Erin Boyce, owner of Your Organised Life.

This is a view shared by STM Goods founder and co-owner, Ethan Nyholm who believes investing in a few smart tech accessories that can help keep your working day organised and productive, can be a key to success for remote working.

According to the experts, top of your list should be to create a clear workspace (that isn’t your couch). Creating a boundary between the two will help to place you in the right mindset once you sit down to work for the day.

3 top tips to creating an ideal work environment include:

  • Storage: Choose the right storage for the job. Storage containers should always be functional over pretty. See-through and stackable storage is a great option.
  • Central station: Create a ‘command’ station somewhere in the home full of all useful items like batteries, stationery and sticky tape. Group items together and store them in storage drawers or plastic takeaway containers. Label each box on the front with a permanent marker so you’ll always know what’s inside.
  • Paper trail: Keep the majority of your paperwork virtually to ensure paper clutter doesn’t start taking over. However, with the important documents, store hard copies into a space saving expanding file folder, then group and label into categories, e.g. bills, receipts, school, health, etc.

Remember, when working from home it’s important to check-in with colleagues but don’t forget to take 10 minutes away from your desk each day. Utilise the time you would have spent on your morning commute by stepping outside for a brisk walk or moving your body for 10 minutes, to re-energise.

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