Book talk: Christmas gifts


Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer

Macmillan, $39.99

Those looking for an intriguing novel should check out the latest book from Jeffrey Archer.

In 1968, Alexander Karpenko and his mother flee from the Soviet Union. Given the choice of two ships, one heading to London, the other to New York, they choose their destination by flipping a coin. From that moment, two separate futures for Alexander diverge outwards.

Using a clever divergent timelines narrative device, the book presents two incredible stories with the same character, but in two different historical locations. Creative and engaging, this captivating read is the perfect gift to get your literary friends.

Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J. D. Barker

Bantam Press, $32.99

Another recommended present is this interesting accompaniment to the horror masterpiece, Dracula.

In 1868, a young Bram Stoker has barricaded himself in the top room of a tower with a terrible evil lurking outside. As he attempts to survive the night, he writes down the events that led him here and the horrors that have haunted his life.

Partially based on original notes from Bram Stoker’s journals and written by his great-grandnephew, this is a terrifying and intricate horror story based on the man behind the legend. An excellent gift for those horror fans familiar with the classic vampire tale.

Hunt for Wolverine by Charles Soule and others

Marvel Comics, $85

Those after a gift for a comic book nerd should consider getting the impressive Hunt for Wolverine hardcover collection.

Following his death, it was believed that Wolverine was peacefully at rest. However, his body is missing from its grave and now Wolverine’s closest allies engage in a worldwide search to find him.

From several of Marvel Comics’ most creative minds comes this massive lead-in to the upcoming Return of Wolverine miniseries. A fast-paced love letter to Wolverine, this collection contains a compelling combination of several different storylines bound together into one captivating narrative. Perfect for any comic lover this Christmas.

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