Book talk: Young adult fiction


This week Michael Popple dives into three amazing pieces of young adult fiction. You can find more of Michael’s book reviews on his blog:

Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town by Michael Pryor

Allen & Unwin, $19.99

Anton and Rani are ghost hunters in Melbourne, putting to rest the various spectres that haunt the city. Their job is about to get even more dangerous as Melbourne is stuck by an extreme ghost plague. With deadly cultists hunting them, the two ghost hunters must find the source of the plague before it is too late. This is another fun and compelling young adult novel from Australian author Michael Pryor. The author makes good use of his inventive ghost menagerie and his contemporary Melbourne setting to tell a fantastic story that is suitable for a general young adult audience.

War of the Bastards by Andrew Shvarts

Hyperion, $34.99

After murdering most of the Noveris royal family, Tilla’s father, Lord Kent, has taken the throne. As Tilla and her friends fight as rebels against his rule, they make a startling discovery during a raid that could turn the war in their favour. Travelling to a far-off land to seek magical assistance, these heroes will discover terrible secrets that will change everything. The incredible conclusion to Shvarts’s epic Royal Bastards series, War of the Bastards features an electrifying story, excellent characters and a ton of action. This is a relentlessly entertaining read, which is highly recommended for older teens.

Dark Blade by Steve Feasey

Bloomsbury, $14.99

When Lann barely survives an attack by a werewolf on his 14th birthday, it sets off a chain of events that will rock the lands. Gifted with an ancient, bloodthirsty sword, Lann becomes the bane of all monsters and must face his destiny to stop an evil god from returning to the world. The first book in Feasey’s Whisper of the Gods series, this is an interesting read that makes great use of some classic fantasy tropes to set up a new adventure with a lot of potential. Featuring an absorbing and enjoyable story, Dark Blade is well worth checking out.

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