Book talk: Science fiction and horror novels


This week, Michael Popple reviews the pick of recent science fiction and horror novels. You can find more of Michael’s book reviews on his blog:

Aurora Burning by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Allen & Unwin, $19.99

An ancient race of alien parasites is attempting to assimilate all life in the galaxy, and our only hope is the rogue Squad 312 of the Aurora Legion. Made up of a comically mismatched team of young soldiers and assisted by the mysterious Aurora, Squad 312 must contend with bounty hunters, treason, drama and some extreme family history if they are to survive. This is an outstanding and wildly addictive young adult science fiction novel from two amazing Australian authors. The second book in their Aurora Cycle series, Aurora Burning is a fast paced and very entertaining read. Highly recommended.

Stormblood by Jeremy Szal

Gollancz, $32.99

In the far future, humanity fought a brutal civil war that was only won when one side utilised alien technology to create the Reapers, elite enhanced soldiers addicted to danger. Years later, former Reaper Vakov Fukasawa is recruited to investigate the murders of his fellow soldiers. Discovering a massive conspiracy, Vakov must end the murders before the entire human race is destroyed. Stormblood is a clever and expansive debut from Australian author Jeremy Szal that combines inventive science fiction elements with a compelling thriller storyline. This is an excellent read that serves as an impressive start to a new series.

Devolution by Max Brooks

Del Rey, $32.99

When Mount Rainer erupts, the small settlement of Greenloop at first appears safe. But the eruption has disturbed a legendary creature and driven it towards Greenloop. Told from journals taken from the town’s bloody wreckage, you must decide what truly happened, and whether the people of Greenloop really did encounter Bigfoot. From Max Brooks, visionary author of World War Z, comes a terrifying and engrossing book that explores what happens when Sasquatches attack. Featuring a fantastic story, intriguing characters and told using a similar epistolary style to World War Z, this is a unique and wildly memorable read.

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