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Book talk: Novels from the fiction spectrum

Michael Popple examines three enjoyable novels from across the fiction spectrum. You can find more of Michael’s book reviews on his blog: unseenlibrary.com

The Chase by Candice Fox

Bantam, $32.99

When a brazen hostage crisis outside the Pronghorn Correctional Facility in Nevada results in 600 dangerous criminals being released, it begins a massive manhunt. However, for death-row inmate John Kradle, it is the opportunity he has been dreaming about, as he returns home to prove that he is innocent of killing his family. Pursued by an obsessed prison guard, Kradle will need to work fast to find the truth before he is caught.

This is an outstanding standalone thriller from one of Australia’s leading crime fiction authors. With an exceptionally fast-paced and exciting plot, readers will have a hard time putting this compelling book down.

The Two-Faced Queen by Nick Martell

Gollancz, $32.99

Michael Kingman is a dead man walking. Barely surviving his execution for regicide, Kingman is under the protection of the Orbis mercenary company and must work to stop the deadly conspiracies tearing his city apart. However, everyone wants him dead, and he must overcome the deadly attentions of rebels, assassins, a deranged serial killer and a murderous Queen.

This is the sequel to Martell’s first novel, The Kingdom of Liars, which was one of the best fantasy releases of the year, and is a masterful read. Featuring an elaborate and captivating story, it is an impressive piece of fantasy fiction and is highly recommended.

Turn a Blind Eye by Jeffrey Archer

Macmillan, $39.99

Following his takedown of a notorious drug lord and the escape of his nemesis, Detective Inspector William Warwick is given a new type of crime to uncover, police corruption. Forced to investigate an old friend, Warwick attempts to get to the heart of corruption in the London Met. However, to succeed he will have to deal with powerful enemies, both old and new.

This is the brilliant third entry in the fantastic William Warwick series from the iconic Jeffrey Archer. Filled with intrigue, betrayal and deception, Turn a Blind Eyeis an awesome crime fiction novel that is well worth checking out.

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