Book talk: Fantasy books


This week, Michael Popple checks out three epic fantasy books. You can find more of Michael’s book reviews on his blog,

Reckoning of Fallen Gods by R. A. Salvatore

Tor, $39.99

When young witch Aoelyn destroyed the demon fossa, she thought it would free her and her people, but instead it may have doomed them all. As Aoelyn and her friend Bahdlahn endure the wrath of Aoelyn’s vicious tribe, the trader Talmadge encounters a mysterious new companion. All the while, a powerful new force is coming closer.

Salvatore returns to the world of Corona for the second book in The Coven series. This is an excellent fantasy series from Salvatore, who expertly expands his universe in this sequel. Featuring some intriguing characters and a dark, compelling story, this book is highly recommended.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

Bloomsbury, $32.99

Chaos is coming to a divided world. In the West, assassins target Queen Sabran, whose death may trigger a prophesised disaster. Her only hope is the mysterious Ead, who secretly protects her. In the East, Tane trains to become a dragon rider, but a terrible choice lies before her. Can these few save everything, or will darkness be unleashed once more?

This is a massive work of epic fantasy fiction. At over 800 pages long, Shannon packs a lot of detail and world building in, creating a complex and enchanting tale that will appeal to fans of the genre.

Master of Sorrows by Justin Call

Gollancz, $24.99

In the world of Luquatra, magical artefacts infest the land, and it is the responsibility of the Avatars of the hidden Academy of Chaenbula to collect and safeguard them. Annev seeks to become an Avatar, but he carries a hidden past that could see him killed. As his training continues, Annev uncovers secrets and prophecies that will change everything he knows.

This is a fast-paced story of intrigue, featuring unique fantasy elements and a compelling new world that nicely sets up the author’s The Silent Gods series. An extremely impressive debut from a new star in the fantasy genre.

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