Book talk: Exciting crime fiction


This week, Michael Popple reviews three exciting new pieces of crime fiction. You can find more of Michael’s book reviews on his blog:

Just Watch Me by Jeff Lindsay

Just watch me crime fiction book cover

Orion, $29.99

Riley Wolfe is the world’s greatest thief and he lives to steal from the super-rich and the powerful. However, Wolfe’s next audacious heist could be his last as the bored thief becomes obsessed with the impossible, stealing the Crown Jewels of Iran from the most secure vault in the world. With impenetrable defences and a small army protecting it, can even a true master of the heist succeed? From the author of the bestselling Dexter books comes this fun and gripping crime thriller. Featuring a great premise, an addictive plot and obsessed characters, this amazing book is well worth checking out.

Magnus and the Crossroad crime fiction book covers Brotherhood

Magnus and the Crossroads Brotherhood by Robert Fabbri

Corvus, $39.99

Ancient Rome’s criminal underground is filled with all manner of rogues and villains, but none are more devious than Magnus, leader of the South Quirinal Crossroads Brotherhood. Working for both his gang and his patron, Senator Gaius Vespasius Pollo, there is nothing Magnus won’t do to make a profit, and woe betide anyone who crosses him. Set amongst Fabbri’s Vespasian series, this book is an outstanding collection of short stories, each of which features a different type of criminal undertaking or an elaborate bit of payback. Filled with six enjoyable and fascinating tales, this is an excellent and highly recommended read.

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Lost by James Patterson & James O. Born

Lost crime fiction book cover

Century, $32.99

Miami detective Tom Moone is leading an FBI task force tackling international crime. The arrest of a man smuggling children from Amsterdam leads Moon, and his team, into the middle of a powerful criminal empire that spreads from Europe to America. Can Moon put an end to this vile group, or will he be their next victim? Lost is a clever stand-alone crime novel that boasts a cool new protagonist and an intriguing focus on people smuggling. The authors make great use of differing viewpoints to tell a compelling, multinational story that is briskly paced and very entertaining.