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Book talk: Books to set you on the right path

Jeff Popple reviews three books to set you on the right path in 2021. More of Jeff’s reviews can be found on his blog: murdermayhemandlongdogs.com

F.L.Y.: Financially Literate Youth by Jai Hobbs and Marlies Hobbs

Penguin, $29.99

January is almost over, and most people are back at work, study and school. Now is the perfect time to put those New Year Eve’s resolutions into action. A popular resolution is to be more financially responsible, and this excellent book by Jai and Marlies Hobbs shows you how. Aimed at young people, this empowering handbook provides an ideal guide to the financial world for those just starting out. From budgeting and your rights as a tenant to managing the financial effects of a relationship break-up, this is a good, no-nonsense introduction to financial management. A must for all young people and those just trying to get ahead.

Solo by Rebecca Seal

Souvenir, $29.99

2020 saw more people working from home, either by choice or by circumstances. Some people found this shift to solo work challenging and missed the benefits of working in an office. In Solo, freelance journalist Rebecca Seal shows how it is possible to work alone, without losing your mind. Drawing on the latest research in psychology, economics and social science, she provides a practical guide to staying resilient, productive and focussed while working by yourself. She also explores what it means to be a freelancer in today’s world and the dangers of social media for solo workers. An interesting and useful book.

Chatter by Ethan Kross

Vermilion, $35

We all have a voice in our head that we tune into from time to time. Often this inner voice cautions and guides, but sometimes it can overwhelm us with negative self-talk and endless rumination, which psychologist Ethan Kross calls chatter. Using his expertise from a lifetime of studying the conscious mind, Kross lucidly describes how to shape conversations with ourselves and avoid destructive self-criticism. Mixing cutting-edge science with interesting, genuine case studies, he reveals how to harness your inner voice in order to be happier, healthier and more productive. Well written and easily digestible, this is an important and affirming self-help book.

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