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Book talk: 5 books for Mother’s Day

This week, Jeff Popple reviews five great books for Mum this Mother’s Day! More of Jeff’s reviews can be found on his blog murdermayhemandlongdogs.com

Dear Mum edited by Samuel Johnson

Hachette, $22.99

Dear Mum is a lovely collection of letters from nearly 100 notable Australians to their mothers. Included amongst the contributors are Guy Pearce, Georgie Parker, Jacqui Lambie and TV weatherman Sam Mac, and the result is a whole-hearted and emotional celebration of motherhood. Some of the letters are short and amusing, while others are deeply emotional. My favourite was the one by the editor, award winning actor and founder of Love Your SisterSamuel Johnson, to the mother he never really knew. Powerful and insightful, it is a moving personal reflection and a great opener to the collection. A fantastic gift for all mothers!

Trick of the Light by Fiona McCallum

HQ, $32.99

Fiona McCallum is one of Australia’s most popular authors and Trick of the Light is another inspiring tale by her about hope, self-discovery and overcoming life’s obstacles. Erica, newly widowed, is devastated to discover that her venture capitalist husband left their finances in ruins. Determined to save her home, while protecting her teenage daughters, she vows to get back on her feet without letting them, or anyone else, know the truth. But troubles at work and strange occurrences in her house weaken her resolve and make her reach out for help. A heart-warming book that deals sensitively with issues of loss, financial uncertainty and emotional repair.

Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne

Hachette, $29.99

Also providing lots of feel-good moments is Second First Impressions by successful Canberra author Sally Thorne. This enjoyable love story centres on the 25 (going on 94) year-old Ruthie Midona, who works at a luxury retirement home. In the absence of a social life, Ruthie is dedicated to her job of looking after elderly people, until the annoying, muscular, tattooed Teddy Prescott is hired as an assistant for a pair of mischievous elderly sisters. An engaging and good-hearted novel, with some nice touches of humour, some terrific secondary characters and a whole lot of tortoises. Nice light reading for Mum.

Off the Charts by Georgie Carroll

Macmillan, $34.99

Georgie Carroll is a professional nurse and one of Australia’s funniest comedians. A regular on television shows such as The Project and Have You Been Paying Attention?, she has also drawn acclaim for her live comedic television show about nursing. Off the Charts is a very frank and amusing account of the workings of a hospital. Georgie takes the reader on a ward to ward and limb to limb hospital tour, and she does not hold back as she shares inspiring and funny stories about nursing. Some of the details are confronting, but most of the anecdotes will leave your mother laughing out loud. Recommended.

Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson

Raven, $29.99

Mothers who enjoy dark twisty crime tales will appreciate this exciting novel by Joshilyn Jackson. Combining elements of domestic suspense and straight thriller, Mother May I is a heart-pounding story about a mother who will do anything to protect her family. Bree has the perfect life of wealth and privilege until her baby boy is kidnapped. In order to get her son back, she has to perform a simple task, but things quickly escalate out of control and she soon finds herself caught up in a deadly act of vengeance. This is a powerful thriller that also raises some serious social issues.

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