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Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Boats, motorbikes seized from Nomads boss under new ‘unexplained wealth’ laws

ACT Policing has used new “unexplained wealth” laws for the first time, to seize assets worth more than $500,000 from the National President of the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang.

On Thursday 22 October, detectives and officers simultaneously restrained the assets in both the Batemans Bay region and in Kambah in the ACT, which included three boats, three Harley Davidson motorcycles, a caravan and trailers.

Two cars were also seized in August when the Nomads boss was arrested in Garran in August as part of a joint operation between ACT Policing and NSW Police.

“Our end game is that there’s no profit in crime in Canberra and our detectives are using these new unexplained wealth laws to make sure of that,” said Detective Superintendent Scott Moller.

“It’s very clear when an offender doesn’t have the financial income to support their lifestyle.

“Removing assets limits offenders from re-investing money in illegal activities or expanding their wealth to commit more crime.”

Detective Superintendent Moller said the investigation is “not over”.

“I expect there will be further items including property that will be restrained in the future.

“Many offenders or crime syndicates may believe that once money has been invested in an asset such as property, that it’s safe. But we’ll prove that if you’re making money out of it, it’s not safe and we’ll be taking your house and anything else that may be connected to your criminal behaviour.”

The ACT introduced the unexplained wealth law in February this year. Then-Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay said at the time the legislation would allow law enforcement to “deprive offenders of the proceeds of their crime by requiring a person to satisfy the court that their wealth was not the result of criminal activities”.

“Criminals are put on notice that we will be looking closely at how they acquire assets, including their homes, vehicles and large amounts of cash.”

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