Beauty road test: DMK Medi Pedi


CW beauty editor Fiona Williams road tests the DMK Medi Pedi, a pedicure like no other.

With the warmer weather seeing us sport sandals and slides almost daily, soft, supple feet become a priority. Whilst many pedicures involve pretty painted toes and a scrape of hard calluses, recently I was invited to experience a DMK Medi Pedi at The Clinic Skin Health, which changed my whole perspective on how a pedicure can be effective without being invasive.

I arrived at The Clinic Skin Health (located inside the Brassey Hotel) to meet with my consultant, the lovely Cara Ho. After conducting a thorough analysis of my feet’s condition, Cara explained that the DMK professional skin revision treatment would dissolve callous build-up from the balls and heels of my feet without the need for blading or rasping. “The DMK Medi Pedi is designed to soften and dissolve hard, dry callouses, cracked heels and rough dry skin on the feet and it works to revise what can be deep canyon-like crevices,” she said.

Step 1: The treatment started with a Hydra Louffa, which is an exfoliating body wash. The DMK Alkaline Wash is applied to the affected area and left on the skin for enough time to soften, swell and dissolve the thickened callouses.

Step 2: After my feet had softened, DMK’s Alkaline Wash was massaged into my dampened feet to further swell, soften and dissolve the dead tissue and calloused skin. The area was buffed with a pedi paddle to smooth out the skin and a neutraliser was immediately applied. Cara then worked her way around my feet with a massage technique to remove as much dead skin as possible to keep my feet soft and supple.

Step 3: After the Alkaline Wash was removed, an Exoderma Peel was applied to neutralise the skin and stop the alkalinising action.

Step 4: To finish the treatment, a Herbal Pigment Oil and Calerase were infused into the skin to help prevent the cells from accumulating again and causing rough calloused feet.

And just like that, with no blades or harsh scraping, my feet felt soft and smooth – even the tiny little hairs on my feet were removed gently from the treatment. When booking in for a treatment, your DMK professional skin revision therapist will recommend a course of DMK products to achieve the desired result, including the use of Calerase to support the DMK professional skin revision program and results.

For more information, visit or to book a Medi Pedi, visit, 10-14 Macquarie Street, Barton. Fiona Williams was a guest of The Clinic Skin Health DMK Medi Pedi treatment.

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