Beach babe

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Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to tousled beach tresses and sun-kissed strands. Our beach hair edit will leave you looking like a beach babe, whether or not you’ve been near the ocean.

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The hair whizzes at ghd gave us their top tips to recreate beachy waves at home – no beach required! Nadine Johns-Alcock, national education manager for ghd in Australia and New Zealand, says the first step is ensuring you have the right texture to work with:

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  • Spritz some ghd root lift spray throughout your damp hair and dry off with your fingers – no brushes required.
  • Gather the hair from the top of your ears up into a top knot to make it easier to work on the bottom section.
  • In the bottom section, take pieces of hair that are approximately 3cm wide and clamp hair with a ghd platinum+ styler/round barrel straightener while holding horizontally.
  • Rotate the styler upwards 180 degrees so that the hair ends are pointing towards the floor, and glide the styler down the length of the hair to create a wave.
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  • It’s critical that you don’t play with the hair too much and let it cool in its shape to ensure it lasts.
  • On the next piece of hair, rotate the styler 180 degrees downwards this time.
  • Continue to alternate the direction you rotate the styler each time to create a tousled effect.
  • To finish the look, massage your scalp at the root area to break up the texture and hold in place with a mist of ghd final fix hairspray.

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