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Back to school style

Jump into the new year with some schoolyard style.

Step into the school year

Are you prepared for the annual school shoes shopping trip? These tips from Clarks’ national sales manager Brett Cale will help you find the perfect fit.

Heel: Make sure the heel is fully supported with limited movement and the heel will be supported by a padded collar.

Laces parallel: When laced up firmly, the laces should create a parallel line and should not be spread apart or drawn together.

No bulging feet: Make sure in a Mary Jane style, it is not too tight on the top of the foot, causing a bulge in the skin.

Ankle clearance: Shoes should have room around the ankle and should not rub against the ankle bone.

Watch them walk: A lot can be picked up in watching people walk in new shoes. Look for:

  • No slip at heel
    • Not too much creasing at toe leather
    • No tripping on toe (this indicates they are too big)

Innersole length:  Often you cannot feel the toe through thick school shoe leather. Remove the insole and stand the child on the innersole with the heel in the back cup. They should have 1cm at the front for growing room.

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