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Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Conversation


The Conversation

Labor gains clear Newspoll lead during Sydney lockdown, but will the economy save Coalition?

This week’s Newspoll, gave Labor a 53-47 lead, a two-point gain for Labor since the previous Newspoll three weeks ago.

From UFOs to COVID conspiracy theories, we all struggle with the ‘truth out there’

Facebook has reversed its decision to ban claims the virus was made in a lab, opening the door further to explore COVID conspiracy theories.

This adorable mouse was considered extinct for over 100 years — until we found it hiding in plain sight

One rodent species, Gould’s mouse (Pseudomys gouldii), is set to be crossed off Australia’s extinct species list.

Contrasting NSW and Victoria lockdown coverage reveals much about the politics of COVID – and the media

Media coverage of the first few days of the COVID-19 outbreak in NSW has been different from that of the most recent lockdown in Victoria.

Intergenerational report to show Australia older, smaller and more in debt

Australia will be smaller and older than previously expected in 40 years time after a downward revision of projections in an intergenerational report in 20 years.

Australia’s COVID-19 spending deemed ‘accountable and transparent’

A new study comparing 120 countries found Australia to be one of only four countries whose COVID spending had “adequate” accountability.

Cramming cities full of electric vehicles means we’re still depending on cars — and that’s a huge problem

Transitioning from cities full of petrol-guzzling vehicles to cities full of electric ones won’t address all of the environmental issues.

‘You’re the best!’ Your belief in your kids’ academic ability can actually improve their grades

We have all met the parent who thinks their kid is the next Picasso. But it’s hard to know if these beliefs are helpful or harmful.

COVID lab-leak theory: ‘rare’ genetic sequence doesn’t mean the virus was engineered

The theory that COVID-19 was triggered by the Sars-CoV-2 virus being leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China was given new life.

Leaner, cost-effective, practical: how the 2032 Brisbane Games could save the Olympics

Though the official vote happens next month, Brisbane has already unofficially been awarded the hosting of the 2032 Summer Olympics.

‘We have filed a case under your name’: beware of tax scams — they’ll be everywhere this EOFY

The end of the financial year is near. So all of us should keep an eye out for the accompanying onslaught of tax scams.

Barnaby Joyce ousts Michael McCormack to regain Nationals leadership

Barnaby Joyce has removed Michael McCormack to seize back his old job of Nationals leader, automatically making him deputy prime minister.

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