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Jamila Toderas


Jamila Toderas

Capture Lyneham in a single snapshot: The photo event for everyone

The Lyneham Community Association has kicked off a photo event for anyone who loves Lyneham and North O’Connor; whether you live, work, or even just get coffee in the suburbs, the event is for you.

Report alleges Australia engaged in illegal shark fin dealings

A recent report has alleged fins from endangered hammerhead sharks caught in Australian waters are possibly being illegally traded to international partners.

A toy story: Jack Little’s big collection up for grabs

The late Jack Little made up for the absence of toys in his childhood by becoming a serious collector of thousands of valuable and rare toys.

Multicultural Canberra: a place to call home for Indian immigrants

With a bustling Indian community within the ACT, the Gandu family, who immigrated to Australia from South-East India, now call Canberra home.

Canberra psychic teaches you how to talk with the animals

Psychic medium Nell Archer uses mindfulness techniques to teach people to talk to animals in her animal communication class.

Get your skates on because RollerFit is rollin’ into Canberra

RollerFit ACT is coming to town, with classes commencing 8 April. The fitness class on skates combines skills from a range of disciplines.

Reigning cats and dogs: meet Canberra’s paw-fect insta-pets

Canberra Weekly has spoken to Canberra’s top two pet Instagram influencers to find out a bit more about their lovable animals and how they achieved social media stardom.

Feed the yellow-lid bin right: Recycling explained

Today, 18 March, is Global Recycling Day – an opportune time to check your knowledge.

From dieting to self-acceptance, meet the Merrymaker Sisters

Born and bred Canberran sisters Emma and Carla Papas, the Merrymaker Sisters, have always had a passion for creating things that bring joy.
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