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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Gary Humphries


Gary Humphries

Corona fatigue: the next enemy

Modern Australians don’t seem quite so well equipped to cope with the invisible bombardment of the coronavirus.

Gaoling 10-year-olds: a study in failure

Should a 10-year-old go to gaol for a crime he or she might commit? Perhaps the answer depends on the crime.

Fairness? Relax! It’s whatever you want it to be

The Federal Opposition has homed in on findings last week by the Auditor-General that the Coalition Government has misused millions of dollars.

Are we overreacting in the latest lockdown?

As Australia enters its latest lockdown, the question can be be asked: are we weighing the costs of a lockdown against the health risks?

Beware the politics of statue-erection

Labor and Greens women MLAs are promoting a petition to erect a statue of a prominent woman in Canberra by 2023.

Common sense dumped in West Belconnen

The closure of the West Belconnen green waste facility will mean, for some, a 50km round trip to dispose of their waste.

Parents voting with their feet on school failings

That the ACT has a crisis in its health system is pretty much an accepted fact of life these days. What is generally less well-known – except among certain insiders – is that our ACT education system is just about as bad.

Climate debate fuels youth hopelessness

Observers of the march through Civic on 21 May – protesting government inaction on climate change – probably fell into two camps.

ACT sidelined in euthanasia debate

The national conversation has turned to euthanasia. And it’s a big debate, worthy of the close attention of every Australian.

Time to end Canberra’s love affair with Labor?

It’s not a claim the Labor Party would ever want to be heard making, but it’s true: Labor is the natural party of government in Canberra.

Nonsense galore over India ban

There were always serious question marks over the decision to ban Australians returning from India.

ACT prison designed to fail

After Health, the Corrections portfolio would have to be the biggest poisoned chalice a minister could be given in this Territory.

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