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Art attack

Love art but not sure how to find the perfect piece for your room? Scott Leggo, landscape photographer and owner of Scott Leggo Gallery, Kingston shares his top tips to help you choose.

Know your colour scheme: What is the colour scheme of the room where you will hang your print? What is the main colour featured in the room? Is it whites and cool colours or deep reds and autumn colours? Is the print a feature in the room or will it blend in and be more neutral?

Decide where you are hanging your print: Where will you be hanging your print? Is there already art in the room? If so, consider picking a print that complements what is already in place. How bold will the piece be – if it’s busy and colourful it may need more wall space to showcase it, whereas a print featuring more passive tones will happily take up more space without intruding on a room. In general, bigger is better if the space allows it. Clean white walls are great for making wall art the focal point.

Know what you like: You are going to look at this wall art every day so select a piece that connects with you. It might be from a recent holiday, somewhere you have always wanted to visit or simply a beautiful image that makes you feel calm or transports to a peaceful state of mind. Don’t be afraid to mix old and new artwork together.

Just do it: Sometimes you find a print that you absolutely love and just have to have. There’s nothing wrong with buying wall art that resonates with you and makes you feel good. If you connect with a particular print but think it may look out of place, consider repainting the walls or even rearranging your furniture. Only you can know the work of art that most accurately reflects you, who you are and what you value. There is no wrong answer – it’s often simply a matter of taking the first step.

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