What we’re talking about: Lab-grown diamonds

diamond ring

Lab-grown diamonds

Jeweller Michael Hill has introduced an alternative to mined diamonds into their collection: Fenix Laboratory-created diamonds. The company says the diamonds have “essentially the same chemical composition, physical properties and structure of natural diamonds”, and will offer consumers the “choice of a quality alternative”. The lab-created diamonds are initially being offered in a collection of solitaire rings, available for custom order only.


Athlete and bushfire survivor Turia Pitt has launched a social media campaign, #SpendWithThem, urging people to shop from local businesses in bushfire-affected regions. The Instagram account acts as a platform to showcase small businesses in bushfire affected towns and regions across the country, from the South Coast of NSW to Kangaroo Island. The aim of the campaign is to “help rebuild towns and businesses affected by fire”, by ‘spending with them’.

For more information, follow @spendwiththem on Instagram.

A little bit fancy

The Aussie skincare brand has launched their latest offering to the masses; an oil cleanser called ‘Fancy Face’. It works by using oil to dissolve makeup, primer, sunscreen and all the dirt and grime from the day, leaving skin clean and soft. The brand’s founder Zoe Foster Blake says oil cleansers “balance the skin, and cleanse without disrupting your acid mantle of stripping the skin of lipids, leaving your skin replenished and soft”. Fancy!

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