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All that glitters

step 1

Invited to the event of the decade? Glam it up with this gorgeous glittery eye look from makeup artist Nicole Thompson – perfect for a formal or night-time wedding.

Step 1 Glitter can have a mind of its own when you are applying it. Sometimes it can be patchy, then sometimes it can apply so perfectly you don’t know how you did it. I like to give myself a security blanket so it looks good all the time – get your eye makeup on first! Whatever glitter colour I am using, I love to add a similar colour shadow underneath to conceal holes in the glitter and make the look more dramatic over all.

Step 2 For longevity, tap on mixing medium or glitter glue wherever you want to see the glitter attach. I like to take it just inside the eye shadow shape so I have something to blend into – going all the way to the edge will make this look more superhero than sexy.

step 3

Step 3 Tap that glitter onto the lids with a flat brush or your finger tip – either way you need something flat and dense to really press this sparkly goodness into place! A fluffy brush will drop those particles everywhere – leave that brush for blending.

Step 4 Glitter fallout clean up, or as it can sometimes be known, the never ending story! Urgh. If you have ever worn or used glitter you will know that it can live on long after your night out. On your clothes, in your carpet or in your hair. Now in all my years I’m still yet to find a way to completely eradicate glitter run-off in those places but I have learnt some ways to minimise the sparkle explosion across the rest of your face and body. My favourite is to use a small lint roller to roll away stray glitter. This is a trick I saw backstage and I have kept small lint rollers in my kit from then onwards. Roll along under your eyes and cheeks. The stick is so strong it will pick up heaps of the fallout! If you don’t get it all, peel off that layer, and keep rolling! Some other hacks include:

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  • A little roll of craft tape can be wonderful for pickup on the skin.
  • Surgical tape can do the same thing, and can be more sensitive on our skin and perhaps not make you feel like a school project.
  • A spoolie can be great to flick away stray glitter (too much of this and you can feel like you are at the pet groomer’s).
  • Powder. This one I love – it works especially well when you are using large, chunky glitter. Layer that powder on heavy wherever the glitter has fallen. It will absorb the moisture that is holding it on your skin and you should be able to brush the particles away. Keep powdering and brushing, then any remaining flecks you can flick away easily with your fingernail or spoolie brush.
  • Just don’t use glitter (clearly I don’t recommend this at all!).


Important! If you are using a glitter glue, do not use a brush to apply! All the hairs will be glued together and removal of glue out of brush hairs is about as enjoyable as pulling a tooth. The reality is you will likely have to throw the brush away – drama! We want drama on our eyes not in our brushes! If you are using a mixing medium like I did, or a cream, you can use a brush or fingertips, as the product will wash out of brushes easily.

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