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Friday, May 7, 2021

ADP powers up

It’s been at the forefront of political debate for the past 10 years.

During his Kevin ’07 election campaign, Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd famously declared it “the great moral challenge of our generation”.

And yet, despite all the talk and posturing on climate change, neither side of politics has taken significant action in that time.

That inaction is just part of what inspired Australian Dance Party’s latest show, Energia, performed earlier this month, which evaluated energy on macro and micro levels.

Australian Dance Party secretary and performer Alison Plevey told Canberra Weekly she created this work after noticing the amount of debate in the media around resistance to renewable energy.

“The challenges we’re facing to embrace renewables in Australia and knowing the ACT is on target to reach their renewable targets for 2020, I was keen to bring attention to that.

“For me it’s fairly obvious that it’s one of the most urgent issues of our time  … I’m very motivated to talk about these things and bring awareness to it, not necessarily change or force opinion, but make people consider and reflect.

“I’m trying to connect with these bigger conversations and ideas and help a little bit however I can.”

Ms Plevey said Energia also looks at the cycles of energy in our day, and gets audience members to reflect on whether they’re operating in a sustainable or renewable fashion.

“It’s a question of how we’re using energy … Consciousness to that and whether there’s a better way we could be doing operating, creating balance and taking care to achieve that.”

Performed at the Majura Solar Farm earlier this month, Ms Plevey said the space presented some fascinating challenges for her and her team.

“It’s so different, it’s very exhausting. You have to work a lot harder to project the same amount of energy into the performance.

“We’re performing movement that we’ve loved and created in an environment that is quite constructed but still very connected to nature. So to have that duality a bit is interesting in a performance space.”

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