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ACT public health system framework rollout

Framework for the future of the Territory’s public health system was released by the ACT Government yesterday, detailing the 2020-2030 plan to shape its future direction.

The four-page framework is focused on three mains goals to improve the health system, including access, accountability and sustainability.

ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith said the framework had identified a range of priorities, including preventive health care and priority population groups. 

“The framework outlines how the different elements of the ACT’s public health system fit together to deliver exceptional care right across the community. It highlights the importance of integrating services across three areas of health – preventive health, community-based services and care in hospital,” she said.

“This framework sets out the ACT Government’s vision for the next 10 years as we continue working to ensure our public health system is innovative, sustainable and effective now and into the future.

“A key focus for the ACT Government is building an inclusive health system that provides accessible care to population groups who are at particular risk of poor health outcomes, and this has been identified as a priority under the framework,” Ms Stephen-Smith said.

Priority population groups identified within the framework include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with chronic conditions including mental illness and the LGBTQIA+ community.

The framework promotes a person-centred health system, with strategic goals in categories including improved infrastructure, prevention of mental health and a competent workforce.

Ms Stephen-Smith said the framework had been developed in collaboration with representatives from consumer, carer, peak and advocacy groups, primary health care and clinical services.

“I want to thank the many stakeholders who worked with the ACT Health Directorate to develop the framework. The contribution of consumers, carers, non-government providers and clinicians is absolutely vital to delivering robust health system policy and planning,” she said.

More information about the framework can be found on the ACT Health website.

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