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ACT Policing cracks down on early morning speeding hotspots

A targeted crackdown on early morning speeding on major ACT roads resulted in a dozen fines over two days, with one Crace woman caught speeding almost 45km/h over the limit, ACT Policing announced today.

The operation came just two weeks after local law enforcement revealed they had already handed out more speeding fines in 2020 than the total number issued in 2019.

ACT Policing said the targeted operation was in response to community feedback, after local citizens shared concerns about early morning speeding in the comments section of a Facebook post from 9 November.

ACT Policing Superintendent Corey Heldon said the infringements showed speeding could be detected at any time, on any street. Image: ACT Policing.

Multiple comments voiced the opinion that tradesmen were speeding and tailgating on their way to work in the morning, and specified locations such as Horse Park Drive, Drake-Brockman Drive, and Monaro Highway.

During the recent crackdown, the average age of drivers issued fines was 33 years old, and two thirds were men, according to details shared by ACT Policing.

Four drivers were detected speeding in an 80km/h zone on Horse Park Drive in Throsby, with one motorist recorded driving a Honda Accord more than 30km/h over the speed limit, at 113km/h.

Police caught four drivers speeding on Majura Parkway, one of whom was a Crace woman driving a Mercedes at 144km/h in a 100km/h zone.

Motorists were also detected speeding on Tuggeranong Parkway, Gungahlin Drive and Majura Road.

ACT Policing Superintendent Corey Heldon, of Road Policing and Planning, said motorists who thought it was acceptable to exceed the speed limit early in the morning when there was less traffic on the road were wrong.

“The time of day makes no difference, if police see you speeding then you can expect to be stopped by them,” he said.

“Speed limits are there for a reason. They are the maximum speed you’re allowed to drive at.

“The faster you drive, the more likely something is to go wrong, and the worse the outcome will be when that happens.”

The combined total of the fines issued was $5428, and a total of 34 demerit points were issued.

Anyone who wishes to report areas where they believe speeding drivers are a regular problem is urged to do so by contacting Crime Stoppers ACT via the website. Information can be provided anonymously.

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