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Saturday, July 24, 2021

ACT Labor commit to older Canberrans

ACT Labor has released its plans to establish a refurbished $13.6 million medical ward for older Canberrans within Calvary Hospital if re-elected next month.

The Centre for Excellence in Caring for Older People at Calvary Hospital is set to expand inpatient capacity in addition to outreach programs.

ACT Labor health spokesperson Rachel Stephen-Smith said COVID-19 had shown the need for adequate strategies and infrastructure for older Australians.

“While the ACT Government has no direct oversight over aged care, we can do more to ensure our public health facilities are better prepared for older Canberrans when they need support from our health system,” she said.

“Calvary is a nation leader in developing innovative responses to the needs of older people, including acute care evaluation and palliative care needs rounds in aged care facilities.”

Ms Stephen-Smith also detailed ACT Labor’s plan to establish a respite hub in palliative care. 

“A re-elected Labor government will also partner with Palliative Care ACT to establish a respite hub for people with life-limiting illness who wish to die at home, supporting families and carers to meet the needs of their loved ones,” she said.

“For those people who are approaching the end of their lives in Canberra Hospital, Labor will establish a dedicated palliative care ward to provide dignity and comfort for patients.”

The announcement is a further health commitment from ACT Labor, after pledging to open five additional nurse-run walk-in centres and fund 400 further health workers if re-elected next month.

However, Canberra Liberals health spokesperson Vicki Dunne said while the party welcomed investment into ACT healthcare, she was uncertain it would be delivered.

“The problem with Labor is that they always fail to deliver,” she said.

“It’s been a decade since they first promised to expand the Canberra Hospital and yet here we are still waiting for the first sod to be turned.”

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