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Saturday, May 15, 2021

ACT Greens: Budget will build ‘more resilient economy’

The ACT Greens have today welcomed the 2020-21 ACT Budget which includes major investments designed to ensure Canberra is the most sustainable, ecologically-friendly jurisdiction in the country.

The Budget includes major investments in ‘Real Climate Action’ and ‘A Home for All’. Over $2 million has been promised to A Home for All, as well as more than $4 million to repair land and waterways.

“Over the past decade, the ACT Greens have shown that we aren’t afraid of tackling large-scale challenges, fighting for equality, social justice and a stronger community. Addressing these challenges is building a more resilient economy for all of us,” ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury said.

“This Budget helps us begin to ‘Build a Better Normal’ and delivers an array of key items in the Parliamentary and Governing Agreement.”

Mr Rattenbury said the ACT Greens are committed to helping people make the switch to efficient electric appliances, which will now be funded through the $150 million Sustainable Households Scheme. The Budget also commits $855,000 to helping the community transition off gas, including the move to all-electric suburbs in new parts of Canberra.

“The ACT Greens took climate action and housing and environmental investments as key priorities for action this term – we are pleased that this Budget delivers key items in all of these areas.

“We wanted to see climate action in this Budget, to ensure the ACT continues to boost Australia’s electric vehicle sector, which this Budget does, with a program of interest-free loans and free rego for two years on new zero emissions vehicles,” he said.

“The 2020-21 Budget also provides $15.8 million to extend a range of mental health programs and services, including funding for Safe Haven Cafes to make mental health support more accessible for Canberrans, and expanding the Police, Ambulance, Clinician Emergency Response (PACER) to seven days a week – two vital ACT Greens initiatives.”

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