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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

ACT Gold: quality and integrity

ACT Gold in Fyshwick offers clients integrity and quality, whether they are buying or selling, with the assurance of privacy, safety and expert knowledge they can rely on.

ACT Gold at the Niche Markets within Fyshwick Markets, provides clients with gold valuation, buying and selling metals, and high-end, custom jewellery.

Clients can expect professionalism and expertise at ACT Gold; the new business is operated by qualified gemologists, who have over 60 years of combined experience in the jewellery industry, as well as qualifications in jewellery valuation and diamond grading.

ACT Gold primarily offers gold valuation services and the buying and selling of gold and gold pieces, with clients assured they will be given a fair price.

When selling or buying, privacy and security is of utmost importance, with the promise of a confidential agreement between business and customer for the entire process; the location ensures a secure and private area to discuss clients’ needs.   

The option is also there to trade-in gold coins, as well as other gold pieces, which is currently a popular choice for the Canberra population.

With gold at a record-high price, the ACT Gold team says it is “wise to realise profits while gold is at a high point”. Clients looking to realise their money, particularly during this difficult period, are welcome to come in for some advice, or to sell their unwanted jewellery or collections of gold coins. There are also gold coins available for the discerning buyer to purchase, with the opportunity of some rare coins and sets.

ACT Gold are adamant their buyers deserve quality and integrity, with a promise of quality products, fair prices and expert knowledge and advice.

ACT Gold also offers custom-made, exclusive high-end jewellery services, crafted to the highest quality standards, complemented by a range of jewellery available to purchase in store.

ACT Gold

Niche Markets at the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets

Trading hours

  • Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm  
  • Monday – Wednesday: closed

For more information on ACT Gold click here.

This editorial was created in partnership with ACT Gold. For more information on sponsored partnerships, click here.

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