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ACT fuel prices set to remain stable this long weekend

While national fuel prices look to be on the rise ahead of the Labour Day long weekend, Canberra motorists are being advised “to top up their tanks as needed and take their time filling up” as prices remain relatively stable in the ACT.

Canberra was the only capital city to experience no increase in the average petrol price across the last two quarters, September and June, sitting at 122cpl (cents per litre). 

By contrast, the latest comparethemarket.com.au quarterly petrol report has shown average increases across Sydney (6cpl), Perth (10cpl) and Brisbane and Adelaide (12cpl).

Abigail Koch, household savings expert, said prices had been on a steady incline since a dramatic drop during COVID-19 lockdown.

“As shutdowns and restrictions across the country continue to ease in most states, our analysis shows that petrol prices are starting to rise closer to their pre-pandemic prices,” she said.

“Motorists paid an average of 122cpl over the last quarter, which is 9cpl more than the quarter to June and is nearly double the average price motorists paid in the middle of April when we hit record-low prices of around 75cpl.”

The Canberra suburb with the cheapest average petrol price on Monday morning (28 September) was Fyshwick at 115cpl, which was still 20 cents above Australia’s lowest average price of 95cpl in Hillcrest, Adelaide. Meanwhile Hawker in Belconnen recorded the ACT’s highest average price of 130cpl, 20 cents below the 150cpl average paid by motorists in the highest-priced Sydney suburb of Botany.

Fuel prices in the ACT have been falling since July, and it is advised they will continue to do so.

The report also advised the local market showed minor price movements in both directions and was expected to remain relatively stable in the near future. 

As always, motorists across all cities were encouraged to shop around for the best price.

“With travel restrictions continuing to ease across the country, and most states allowing for a regional holiday, we advise motorists to shop around and compare fuel prices in their area, or pinpoint stops along the way if they are taking a road trip, to find the cheapest prices,” Ms Koch said.

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