ACT 2020 election results Andrew Barr Alistair Coe
Chief Minister Andrew Barr's ACT Labor will hold ten seats in the tenth ACT Legislative Assembly, while the Alistair Coe led Canberra Liberals will hold nine seats.

The ACT Greens have tripled their seat count in the ACT Legislative Assembly, with both ACT Labor and the Canberra Liberals dropping two seats a piece as the final results of the 2020 ACT election were released last night.

With the completion of the distribution of preferences, the ACT Greens will hold six seats in the tenth ACT Legislative Assembly, ACT Labor 10 and the Canberra Liberals nine. In the previous Assembly, the Greens held two seats, Labor 12 and Liberals 11.

Final results in Yerrabi, Murrumbidgee, and Kurrajong were known shortly after counting began when the ballots closed a week ago, however the final seats in Brindabella and Kurrajong were up in the air until last night, when Electoral Commissioner, Mr Damian Cantwell AM, announced the names of the 25 successful candidates.

In Brindabella, incumbent Canberra Liberals MLA Andrew Wall lost his seat to ACT Greens’ Jonathan Davis, who was in a tight tussle with ACT Labor candidate Taimus Werner-Gibbings.

Mr Davis ended up 82 votes ahead of Mr Werner-Gibbings.

In Ginninderra, incumbent ACT Labor MLA, former Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay was pipped at the post by Canberra Liberals’ Peter Cain after retiring Canberra Liberals MLA Vicki Dunne’s seat went to ACT Greens’ Jo Clay.

After preference votes were distributed, Mr Cain was 167 votes ahead of Mr Ramsay.

“Gordon spent four productive years in the ACT Cabinet, and he did an outstanding job across a number of portfolios,” ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr said.

“I personally valued Gordon’s input and advice on policy matters, and I wish him and his family well in the future.”

Barr confirms Labor-Greens partnership

In a statement distributed this morning, Mr Barr confirmed he would ratify a new parliamentary agreement with ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury in the week ahead.

“Productive discussions have already commenced with ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury on how our respective parties can work effectively together,” he said.

“These discussions will continue in the week ahead and result in a new parliamentary agreement between the two parties. 

The finalisation of their agreement will provide answers to questions surrounding Greens representation in Cabinet and the potential for Mr Rattenbury to be named Deputy Chief Minister.

The ACT Labor caucus will meet on Monday morning to endorse their leadership team and policy program for their next term of government.

The full of list MLAs in the 10th ACT Legislative Assembly


  • Joy Burch, ACT Labor
  • Mick Gentleman, ACT Labor
  • Nicole Lawder, Canberra Liberals
  • Mark Parton, Canberra Liberals
  • Johnathan Davis, ACT Greens


  • Yvette Berry, ACT Labor
  • Elizabeth Kikkert, Canberra Liberals
  • Tara Cheyne, ACT Labor
  • Jo Clay, ACT Greens
  • Peter Cain, Canberra Liberals


  • Andrew Barr, ACT Labor
  • Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens
  • Rachel Stephen-Smith, ACT Labor
  • Elizabeth Lee, Canberra Liberals
  • Rebecca Vassarotti, ACT Greens


  • Jeremy Hanson, Canberra Liberals
  • Chris Steel, ACT Labor
  • Giulia Jones, Canberra Liberals
  • Marisa Paterson, ACT Labor
  • Emma Davidson, ACT Greens


  • Alistair Coe, Canberra Liberals
  • Michael Pettersson, ACT Labor
  • Suzanne Orr, ACT Labor
  • Andrew Braddock, ACT Greens
  • Leanne Castley, Canberra Liberals

An official declaration of the poll will take place on Wednesday 28 October.

Election results, including preference distributions, are available on the Elections ACT website.