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5 tips to help you implement healthy habits

Decide. Write. Schedule. Do. Repeat. It’s time to start implementing little healthy habits throughout the day, and Kirra Rankin from Capital Hydrotherapy shows us how:

Little, as in simple; little, as in easy; little, as in time efficient. I’m going to make it easy for you to implement healthy habits. I have even created the ‘little habits’ planner for you to use.

I often see the word ‘routine’ thrown around. Don’t get me wrong, I have many routines. However, when it comes to my long-term health, I prefer to use the word ‘habits’. The word ‘routine’ can make you feel like there are certain things you have to do, whereas the word ‘habit’ makes it feel more intrinsic, natural and built into our lives without force.

If you want to successfully start implementing habits (or routines, if you would rather use that word) then you need to:

1. Decide what it is you want to do exactly

2. Write it down

3. Schedule when it’s going to happen/when you’re going to do it

4. Follow through (do it!)

5. Work on it, every day

My Little Habits planner has four daily habits which you can choose to commit to: a morning habit, a daily self-care habit, a movement habit and an evening habit.

Make sure the habits you decide on are achievable daily, that’s the key! Choose one habit for each category.

Here’s mine, and I’d love you to share yours with me – via [email protected] – if you like:

1. Morning habit: a yoga class or a circuit workout at home

2. Daily self-care habit: five to 15 minutes of meditation a day (when the baby sleeps!)

3. Movement habit: 30 minute sweat session

4. Evening habit: No food/drinks after 6pm (unless of course I’m out with friends for dinner!)

Let’s keep this simple: Decide. Write. Schedule. Do. Repeat.

What healthy habits do you want to implement in your life? 

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