3 simple study nook solutions


Find yourself suddenly working remotely or studying from home and need a spot where you can be productive? Here are three relatively simple solutions that can get you sorted quickly and inexpensively.

simple solutions

1 – Under the stairs: This ‘dead zone’ is a hidden gem and a wasted opportunity in many homes. Position a desk beneath the highest end of the staircase and use the shorter side for storage, such as boxes of files and books. A quality lamp is essential in this space where natural light is limited.

2 – The kitchen: An open-plan study nook off the kitchen offers a great space for kids to do their online learning within eye and earshot.

3 – Inside a cupboard or wardrobe: Consider your dimensions to make sure a desk will fit (or build your own). Remove the bottom shelves to allow for a desk and keep the upper shelves for books and clutter. Opt for a small stool that can be tucked away when it’s time to close the doors.

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